The word “STRIPES” refers to correct vinyl reproductions of original vinyl stripes that were applied to new cars on the assembly line; like the stripes found on the sides of ’69 SS 396 Chevelles, or the gold pin stripes on Special Edition black “Bandit” Trans Am Firebirds.

The word “DECALS” refers to correct vinyl reproductions of original vinyl graphics other than stripes; such as names, emblems, and engine sizes. Like “Z28”, “Trans Am”, “HEMI”, “MACH 1”, “6.6 Liter”, and the Super Bee character.

The word “STENCILS” refers to 3-layer paint stencil kits copied faithfully from factory stencil kits that were available over-the-counter in car dealership parts departments. These kits help you correctly duplicate paint graphics that were used on the assembly line when these cars were new; such as the “skunk” stripes on the early Z28 Camaros.

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th_67-69_Camaro_rearYou may notice slight variations in original decals from one GM car to another of the same model. This is due to the fact that GM originally used more than one supplier for some decals on their new cars over the years, and there were indeed some very slight variations from one manufacturer to the next. All of our reproduction decals are exact, faithful reproductions of original decals, made from N.O.S. (new old stock) GM parts. However, in some rare cases, you may notice a very slight variation between decals that were originally on your car and the reproductions that we supply, as your originals may have been made by a different manufacturer that those that we used as patterns. Nevertheless, all of our reproduction decals are correct, exact reproductions for your model of GM car.

th_HoodBirdA word about “
QUALITY” and “LICENSING“. For years we’ve enjoyed a reputation for reproducing decals, paint stencils, and vinyl stripes that are exactly like the original graphics installed at the factory when these cars were rolling off of the assembly line. But there are lesser products on the market too. Some of them are simply poor imitations – sometimes handcut, sometimes multi-layered laminates (instead of the original screen printed style used by the factory), sometimes incorrect colors, or sometimes made from inexpensive materials that won’t withstand sun or other elements well. Some items are apparently deliberately made to look somewhat different from the original (perhaps in an attempt to avoid trademark licensing fees?). For example, some hood birds for Pontiac Trans Ams feature the bird’s head facing the wrong way, incorrect tail feathers, etc.

Now, if you just want something “cheap” to put on your car you intend to sell quickly, these “replacement” products may be fine for you. But if you are restoring a car, and want it to be “right”, you may be disappointed. That’s why we atSTENCILS & STRIPES UNLIMITED go through the time and expense to DIECUT our products (just like the originals), from the same high quality performance vinyl materials that the factory used, in EXACTLY the SAME COLORS. Ask about these features of any decal, paint stencil, or stripe before you buy.

We also wish to point out that trademark licensing agreements can sometimes be given to inferior products as “replacements”, which apparently means that these products are not the same as the original, but are licensed by the car manufacturer anyway. Our own top quality products are licensed by “REPRODUCTIONS“, and as such are absolutely correct for your car. In order to server all of our customers’ needs, we do stock and offer some “replacement” products made by other manufacturers, and these are clearly marked when they appear in this catalog as “replacements”. Please take the time to know what you’re buying before you spend your money. Again, thanks so much for your interest in STENCILS & STRIPES UNLIMITED.

Thank you for your interest in the reproduction paint stencils, stripes, and decals offered by STENCILS & STRIPES UNLIMITED. You’re sure to be pleased with the extraordinary quality of our products, and our easy-to-use Complete Kits give you extra value for your money.