1977 Z-28 Camaro

1977 Z/28 Individual Stripes

$ 24.99

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1977 Z/28 Individual Stripes

Included With Your Choice of Stripe & Color:

Vinyl Application Squeegee

3M Vinyl Application Sheet



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  1. Rear Spoiler Outer StripeClick to Enlarge
LH-468049 RH-468050 Brown/Gold $24.99 ea.
LH-468073 RH-468074 Red/Red-Orange $24.99 ea.
LH-468075 RH-468076 Yellow/Orange-Yellow $24.99 ea.
  1. Rear Spoiler Center Stripe
468052 Brown/Gold $34.35
468077 Red/Red-Orange N/A
468078 Yellow/Orange-Yellow N/A
  1. Z/28 Decal for Spoiler
468054 Brown/Gold N/A
468085 Black/Yellow-Orange/Orange-Yellow $25.45
468086 Dark Gold/Black/Red/Red-Orange $25.45
468084 Black/Red/Red-Orange $25.45
  1. Rear End Panel
LH-468555 RH-468556 Red/Red-Orange $29.95 ea.
LH-468557 RH-468558 Yellow-Orange/Orange-Yellow $29.95 ea.
LH-468559 RH-468560 Brown/Gold $29.95 ea.

“Thank you for your assistance in obtaining the correct hood stripping kit needed for our 1977 Camaro. It was a pleasure working with you. Your knowledge and customer concern are not found in many businesses today…we will enjoy recommending Stencils and Stripes to our fellow rodders.”
– Joann T, Cape Coral FL

  1. Rear Wheel Opening Strip
LH-468043 RH-468044 Brown/Gold $49.35 ea.
LH-468069 RH-469070 Red/Red/Orange $49.35 ea.
LH-469071 RH-469072 Yellow-Orange/Orange-Yellow $49.35 ea.
  1. Door Stripe – left or right
468051 Brown/Gold N/A
468062 Red/Red-Orange $22.35 ea.
468065 Yellow-Orange/Orange-Yellow $22.35 ea.
  1. Decal Front Fender –(2 required)
468081 Black/Black/Red/Red-Orange N/A
468082 Black/Black/Yellow-Orange/Yellow-Orange N/A
468083 Dark Gold/Dark Gold/Black/Red/Red-Orange N/A
468053 Light Gold/Light Gold/Black/Brown/Light Gold $23.95 ea.
  1. Front Wheel Opening
LH-468063 RH-468064 Red/Red-Orange $46.55
LH-468067 RH-468068 Yellow-Orange/Orange-Yellow $46.55
LH-N/A RH-468042 Brown/Gold $46.55
  1. Stripe Front Valance Panel
LH-468047 RH-468048 Brown/Gold $24.95
LH-468091 RH-468092 Red/Red-Orange $24.95
LH-468093 RH-468094

Yellow-Orange/Orange-Yellow                     $24.95


Did you know that the original art and tooling were used to create this exact reproduction kit?

Note : Both Stripes and Decals are made from high performance vinyl films. Original stripes and decals were used for both color matching and tooling. Produced by Stencils & Stripes Unlimited.

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Left Rear Outer Spoiler, Right RearOuter Spoiler, Rear Center Spoiler Stripe, Left Rear End Panel, Right Rear End Panel, Left Quarter Wheel Opening Stripe, Right Quarter Wheel Opening Stripe, Door Stripe, Left Fender Stripe, Right Fender Stripe, Left Front Valance Stripe, Right Front Valance Stripe

Color Choice

Brown/Gold, Yellow Orange/Orange Yellow, Red/Orange